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I've tried to change the font color of my widgets. I managed to change the font size, but the font color won't change at all. I looked up the code in the default css and copy pasted it in the child theme css...but no luck.

This is how I initially changed the font size:
h3.widgettitle {
font-size: 18px;}

The color wouldn't change there, so I added this:
.widget h3, div#sidebar div.item-options, div#sidebar h3.widgettitle {
color: #ffc00 !important;
text-shadow: #ffffff 1px 1px 0px;

What am I missing?

  • femke_stuut

    Hi Joe,

    I looked at that, but don't see anything in there for the widget title and text. Which one should I change in that case? I'm also trying to change the .posttitle for my blog posts and looking to change the font of the blog loop on http://www.subscribetochange.com/blog. None of those I can change in the appearance/custom styling I don't think.

    Also, the blog roll on my blog page doesn't re-adjust for the image that is included (so it doesn't lengthen the page because there isn't enough text but the image is bigger than the text).

    So in essence, here's the thing I need to change but can't figure out:
    1. .widgettitle color font
    2. .posttitle is now h2. I've created a custom h11 and would like to have those instead. I added .posttitle to my child css but it doesn't make a difference. It seems that this is in the html on the page and so it overrides the child css.
    3. I'd like to change the fonts on my blog page (where snippets of blogs are posted)
    4. I need to lengthen the page to accomodate for the image that is bigger than the text on my blog page

    If I can make those changes through custom styling, that would be great -- I just don't know what to change.

    Thanks! Femke

  • aecnu

    Greetings Femke,

    The custom styling allows you to change many aspects and you are indeed going to have to dig in to find which aspects as this is custom coding all the changes you mentioned.

    However, digging into this a bit more I found on the statement If you want to customise the theme options you MUST have default.css selected so that is where you start and then see if your customizations are still being over written.

    You mentioned that for example that you are indeed trying to find the .widgettitle and using a quick search in Dreamweaver of the entire theme folder and found the below screen shot of all the possibilities.

    Now you can clearly see that where this is done is totally dependent on many option to include color scheme and Buddy Press or not and this is also why we do not do custom coding because to tell you exactly which one depends on several variables.

    We could be here all year trying to figure out what one quick search with a program that searched through code, I prefer Dreamweaver in this event but have others i.e. Ultra Edit etc., to find what the possibilities are and the matches to what I set the configuration.

    Being remote like we are makes this a very hard task to accomplish.

    Now lets take the next item you are searching for .posttitle, a quick search reveals the possibilities in which my search in Dreamweaver reveals one possibility being studio-colours.css in the css folder.

    Certainly I can give you the answers but I am trying to teach you instead to fish for yourself. Give a person a fish and they eat for one day, teach them to fish and they can eat forever :smiley:

    Unfortunately the written text is not reflecting my calm cool tone but it is indeed there as I try to teach you to fish.

    Sincerely, Joe

    PS: let me know how it goes.

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