widget in more than one side bar


I have a client who wants to usea draggable facebook widget that is a like box thing.

The problem is when I drag the widget over to the side bar, its gone from the main list and I can't put it on the Home sidebar as well, but its gone from the list. I guess it can only be in 1 sidebar at a time maybe.

thats no good. Is there a work around for something like this? is there maybe a better FB like widget that doesn't limit itself to just one sidebar?



  • DavidM
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    Hi John,

    Hmm, that's no good! Widgets all used to work that way in the earlier days of WordPress but that's since been changed and nearly all widgets can be re-used multiple times. Sounds like maybe that one widget could use an update.

    The Ultimate Facebook plugin provides an array of Facebook widgets, along with Like/Send features. Have you looked into that?


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