Widget Logic Plugin – Do you use it? Help a friend out then!

The WordPress community is a powerful place to be with so many talented and amazing people. Every now and again a real shining light emerges, an act of selflessness to help others in need.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you “crack on, whats this about….?”

Do you ever or have you ever used the Widget Login plugin from Alan Trewartha:


He’d like some donations but not for him! Ohhh no, not for him but instead for charity so considering the time and effort he put into giving us something for free whats $5 or £5 between friends?


If you like and use Widget Logic you could consider a small donation to Cancer Research UK. I have a JustGiving.com donation link. As of December 2011 we have raised 440 UKP. I’m going to aim to have upped that to 750 UKP by the end of 2012.

So come on guys and gals, show some love for this plugin developer and make a donation to a good cause.

Here is his JustGiving page:


Thanks all!