Widget Spacing Has Changed on Most of my Multisite sub-domains

I have spent a good deal of time spacing the content within my sidebar and footer widgets. I am using the same Customize settings on each site, and the same Custom CSS on each site, however this morning, for some reason, the spacing on all of the sites has altered, but not consistently.

For example see the footer from trans.christiangays.com
Note that there are four ads, each 250 px square with equal spacing between each one.

Now see footer from main site christiangays.com
Note that everything has shifted.

Now please see login box for chat.christiangays.com
This is correct, but all other sites look like this one with too much space at the top.

And finally, please note that there is too much space between the title and several of the sidebar widget contents. Example: when the spacing should be as per this screenshot [image pos="5"]

To my knowledge I have not done anything that would cause this erratic behaviour, especially since it is not consistent throughout the websites. Would appreciate your help.

Support access is granted.