Widgetize the login and search functions on the header bar of BP Scholar

I really like the functionality of the BP Scholar theme in general, but the top login bar occupies a good chunk of vertical space for people on lower-res displays, and appears on every page.

If it's possible to make that an optional area of the layout, and rely on widgets that can be dropped into the sidebar on pages as necessary, it would be really helpful.


  • Kimberly

    Hi there!

    You can try a bit of custom coding in your theme to hide parts you don't want logged in users to see.

    #custom .myclass
    .logged-in #login-bar {display:none;}

    or something similar depending on your page type to hide the login bar. Or you can find the portion of code that calls this in your page template and remove it all together if you would prefer to use a sidebar widget.

    You are also more than welcome to use any widgets you like, including login/logout ones :slight_smile: We want you to be able to customize how you would like.

    We try to give those who can do customizations the flexibility to do so but we cannot code any custom changes to the theme.

    Very Sorry.



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