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Hey! Is there any plugin or way to add additional edit options for the wiki? i.e. either image upload or something like paint? I have a type of wikipage that's content will not lend itself to typing.

Finally, what are the fields that allow that set the status of the email notification option (boolean true/false I assume?), comments allowed (boolean I assume), the parent (going to be creating 4000 wikis divided between roughly 80 parents), and the editable aspect (as well as the value to set it to anyone) that would be used in a bulk importer type program (using wp ultimate csv importer currently) but could use another

  • James Morris

    Hello Preston,

    I hope you are well today. Thank you for your questions.

    Wiki Pro uses the native WordPress editor and has all of the functionality of that editor, including media upload capability. So, you don't need to add any extra edit options for that to work. Simply click the "Add Media" button on the editor. This works on both the backend and the frontend pages of Wiki Pro. See screenshots.

    Also, on the backend and frontend you have a boolean checkbox to enable/disable the email notifications and you can specify which user roles are able to edit the Wiki post. On the backend pages, you can also enable/disable Comments and Trackbacks. See screenshots.

    Wiki Pro essentially creates and manages a custom post type in WordPress. Therefore, it's handled as such and can be manipulated as such. The plugin you mentioned, WP Ultimate CSV Importer, looks like it will handle custom post types. I tested the free version and it allowed me to access Wiki Pro's tags and categories. The pro version of WP Ultimate CSV Importer looks like it will allow you to Map CSV to WP fields/attributes. However, without having access to it, I cannot say for certain.

    If you have the pro version of WP Ultimate CSV Importer and you would like me to take a look and see if it will allow you to map the settings like you want, please enable Staff Login by following the directions in the following article:

    Please post back and let me know if this answers your questions and whether or not you would like me to take a look at that plugin for you.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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