Wiki 'discussion' – submit button not working right.

This seems to be happening in every site, and with every theme I test it with (so far, several wpmu themes, Headway, Thesis 2, and Weaver II)

I want to people to be able to edit from the front-end w/o being logged in.

The following problem occurs whether I am logged in or not.

In the wiki discussion tab, no matter which wiki page I start out on, if I write a reply and submit it, one of 2 things happen:

1) if there isn’t already a page called ‘comments-page-1’ – then I get taken to a ‘can’t find’ or ‘page doesn’t’ exist page. Then when I back out of that, a ‘comments-page-1’ page has been created, as a child of whichever wiki I was in, containing the original reply. This only happens once. After that:

2) Once a ‘comments-page-1’ exists, no matter which wiki page I begin on, and create a discussion (from that tab) for that particular page, when I submit, I am returned to the ‘comments-page-1’.

Here are the things I don’t like about this:

1) it’s not how I think it’s supposed to work :slight_smile:

2) it’s confusing for less techy people if they get brought back to that one comments page – they have to figure out where they were in the tree to get back to the discussion they were trying to be part of.

3) the ‘comments-page-1’ shows up as a wiki child page – but it’s not meant to be a page.

I suppose I could just put a link back to the wiki home on that comments-page-1. . . But then we may as well stick with google docs.

Here’s the link to one place this is happening. The culprit page is a child of the ‘Communications Team’ page.

Please help!