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The slogan of the plugin says: "Simply turn any WordPress post, page or site into a fully functional wiki". Is it right? Because it's exactly what I'm looking for: the ability to add wiki features to a subset of pages, not to use a new post type with its own taxonomy and hierarchy. Furthermore, I'd like to let my themes display these features by design, not to inherit a display I cannot easily adjust.

Does the plugin do what I need or would it be a possibly huge enhancement?


  • asimetrick

    Hi David.

    The plugin works the way you say, it's a very classical way and it looks great for this, I just have to accept it this way. But yes, the slogan might be a bit confusing the way it's written.

    My (maybe very personal and restrictive) vision is that a Wiki page is nothing else but a traditional page (or other type of content) with collective and collaborative publishing instead of personal publishing. Of course, it's theoretically much more than that, but practically, what's expected is the features you implemented:
    - Adapting the publishing privilege model to possibly let anyone editing some or several pages
    - Controlling the content change cycle with notifications
    - Facilitating the editing process by allowing it inline (great but not mandatory)
    - Displaying the revision history
    And those features could easily be found on the out-of-the-box WP page post type.

    Beyond that, there actually may be a more "free" workspace where members could add and structure the content their own way, and that workspace (like a sandbox) shouldn't be the same as the pages publishing space. That's exactly where a custom post type with its own hierarchy and taxonomy makes sense. But it's only an option then.

    So what would be very great (from my perspective) is the following:
    - Add the Wiki privileges and email notifications features as custom fields on any standard (or custom) post type (i.e. post and page) that would be set up as such by an option (I don't think it makes sense for 'post' but why not)
    - Provide an API (if needed if the WP API is not enough) that lets theme designers display the Discussion, History, Edit, Advanced and Create New features their own way
    - Automatically include the corresponding tabs in the content of the pre-built themes like it's done today, but only as an option
    - Provide a Wiki custom post type for those who need to isolate the Wiki content as a whole in a new type of content with the same custom fields, but only as an option

    Does it make sense? Is it something that could be considered as an enhancement path for the plugin?


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