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I just installed the Wiki plugin and seems to be an rss feed of wiki posts.

I am looking to have a page that my users can go to an either browse the wikis by category or search the wiki's by keyword.

The sidebar widgets that show the most recent, or most popular wikis is not sufficient, as I plan to have hundreds of wikis, and I would like my users to have access to them all.

So, I guess what i am asking, is what is the front page url for the wiki?

  • Kimberly
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    Hello @eug_glouz

    Welcome to the Community!

    The Wiki /wiki/ page is the front page for the wikis. It lists the wikis in a blog format. Should you prefer something else, you can use the category page if you have one to give a more segmented view of the wikis.

    Please let me know if you need anything more.



  • eug_glouz
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    Can you be more specific about "you can use the category page if you have one". I have created categories, how do I make them appear on a page? Is there a short code? Is there a url? I tried all obvious combo's like,, none of those work. Please provide me with specific instructions if possible.

  • Kimberly
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    I am sorry, i was referring to links.

    The categories page displays the blogs in the archive blog post format.

    I meant you could provide a link to each category page.

    You can visit the category page via the Wiki Categories and use that to create a custom link, is what I meant.

  • eug_glouz
    • New Recruit

    Yes, this method would be fine. I can create a custom wiki category menu with links to each category.

    However, I cannot find my category pages either. I realize it should be something like"slug of category" but that does not work, just redirects me to my either my home page, or a page with a similar title to the wiki category.

    Right now I am actually having issues viewing any of my wiki pages...

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