Wiki - History, Non-Existing pages & Breadcrumbs

Hey, i just purchased the Wiki premium plugin (awesome plugin btw) for my wiki site [] but i have afew questions...

1. On the history page by default it shows the code for the latest revision, is it possible to remove it so that users only see the list of past revisions and the 'compare revisions' button? Essentially, I want the 'compare revisions' button to be the first thing on the page directly under the wiki navigation.

2. Is their a way to make a special 404 page only show on urls with a /wiki permalink? i want to make it so that when users visit a non-existing page it shows a 'create this page' link instead of showing the sites 404 page.

3. is their an easy way to remove the breadcrumbs?

4. same as question # 3 but with the 'notify me of changes' box/link :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: