Wiki Issues

WordPress version: 3.5.1

Wiki version:

First of all, I am a new subscriber/member thinking that the paid version would be much better and feature-rich. Unfortunately this hasn’t been my experience thus far.

Issue #1: Discussion pages no longer work. There’s no comment/post box anymore (unlike Wiki Lite).

Issue #2: Look at the source on Revision pages. Looks like there is a major issue with smart quotes. This is breaking my layout. revision-field-<?php echo $field; ?>“>

My fix: Replace line 775 of wiki-include.php with:

$new_content .= '<tr id="revision-field-'.$field.'">';

Issue #3: Message to Install/activate the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin NEVER goes away. There’s no close/remove.

My fix: Comment all of wpmudev-dash-notification.php out.

Thanks for taking a look.