wiki page listing in widget - exclusions

I've purchased the wiki plugin and am happy with it, but have a page exclusions are something I feel are lacking, and I would like to come up with a (good) work around.

In the wiki side widget, all of the wiki pages are listed (at least all of the top level pages). I would be to be able to exclude a page from this listing.
Is there a better way to do this, other than with very undesireably specific CSS selectors and display: none?

  • Patrick
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    Hi there @Natalie

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    You can set any wiki to "Private" just as you can with any other post on your site (1st screenshot).

    But that also removes it from the listing of sub-wikis in its parent, if any (2nd screenshot).

    But it can be accessed on the main wiki archive page as seen in the 3rd screenshot below.

    The ability to exclude wikis/categories/tags from the widget displays sounds like a good feature suggestion though. As such, I'll move this to the Features & Feedback forum and notify the developer.


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