Wiki Plug-in compatable with Word Press 7.1?

Is your Wiki Plug-In compatible with WordPress 7.1? If not when will it be? I ask because I installed WordPress 7.1 today and then immediately installed your Wiki Plugin. It looks like (I can't say for sure) that your Wiki Plug-in was then used to hack my website. So I re-installed WordPress and installed Wordfence so that I now have some security. I want to download your Plug-in again but don't want to get hacked again. So please address the above.



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    Hello Frank,

    Thanks for your post.

    iki is compatible with the latest Version of WordPress i.e. 3.7.1 ( I think you made a typo while writing it as 7.1)

    We have never heard anyone's website getting hacked by installing our plugin. It might have been a coincidence if at all.

    Just make sure that you are using a strong password, avoid using the username as "admin" and as you are already using WordFence, it will take care of the most.

    I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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