Wiki plugin editing rights query

I’ve just purchased the Wiki plugin and am testing it out to see if it does what I need. I have a question and a couple of comments about editing rights:

– Q: When you edit a wiki you can set it to be edited by “1 Anyone; 2 Network users; 3 Site users; 4 Users who can edit posts in this site”. I couldn’t find help on what these meant so did a trial, and think you mean:

– 3 Site users – anyone who is logged in

– 4 anyone who can edit – authors/editors/admin

– Is this correct, and what is meant by ‘network users’?

– Comments:

1. It would help to have a note defining the above

2. another post said that editing rights cannot be set globally, and they also can’t be set in the dashboard. To set rights I have to access each wiki page and go into ‘edit mode’. This is a major issue – as I set up the wiki I want global access (which is what most wikis expect as default) so that others can easily test it, and then I might well want to limit it to logged in users. I also want other people to add wikis, and leaving it up to them to tick the right box is a recipe for chaos.

3. The check boxes are not mutually exclusive – I can tick multiple boxes. I haven’t tested how that would work, but it seems bad practice.

– So if any of these can be added to the to do list, that would be great. And If I’m mistaken, just let me know.

My site is, and most posts are set to ‘anyone’, but there are test pages with other privileges under ‘about’.