Wiki question

I do understand that wikis (from your wiki plugin) are custom posts but since I haven't messed with posts too much, I have some questions that may be very elementary in nature.
1. Can I set up a menu link that my user can be directed to all the current posted wikis?
2. Is there a way for a subscriber to start their own wiki by just the front end without giving them backend access?
3. Is there a way to only allow buddypress group member the ability to edit specific wikis by letting them make a wiki, basically a group only wiki?
4. Is there a way to incorporate your membership plugin with the wiki service (I have not messed with the membership plugin yet)
5. Can I embed ads into the top bottom or middle of my user wikis using one of you advert plugins or prosite plugin?

Thanks...that is all for this current time...maybe more in five minutes... ;^)