Wiki Showcase - Show off your sites using the Wiki plugin

When I first started to conceive of a way to use the Wiki plugin for my niche, I wasn't sure exactly what I could do with it and how it would all work. What I wanted was to see what other people where already doing with it. I saw a few examples, but they weren't very good - and nobody with a really good-looking wiki site chimed in. So I'm going to start and hopefully others will follow suit.

I launched a subsite on my multisite network today that is based around the Wiki plugin.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Tea

Here's a little bit about some other plugins I used to set it up, with links to see where and how I used them:
Extras for the site
BBpress - This was a no brainer. In addition to the individual discussion areas for each wiki, I thought there needed to be a central discussion area. I may remove this if it never gets used. See it in action.

Sugar FAQS for WordPress - This is one of Pippen Williamson's plugins. I use it on other sites on the network and it works really well. I put some custom styles on it to display my tutorial section on how to use the wiki features on the site. See it in action.

Enhancing Wiki
I used two plugins to enhance the functionality of the Wiki pages themselves, and they work better than I could have hoped for. One dynamically creates a contents section for the article with link anchors, and the other creates very useful footnotes (just like Wikipedia!). Plus, they are both simple for your visitors to use. I would honestly say that these two plugins would be essential for any Wiki installation you create.

You can see the results of them here on one of the main article pages:

Better Anchor Links - This plugin lets you set which heading tag is used to create the links and it inputs and displays the links section in your content automatically, linking to the anchors you created. On my site, I have it set to use h3 headers. Sections of an article can be offset with a header and set as H3 and it automatically add the links and the anchors. It's brilliant.

FD Footnotes - There are about 5 or 6 footnotes plugins in the repository. Some aren't updated, and others are just hard to use. This one automatically creates and displays footnotes at the bottom of the post when you simply add one within the text of the post [1. Something like this will create a footnote and link to the footnote at the end of the post. Very Nice.]

I added some custom styles to control the look and feel of the content both these plugins display. I was intentionally going for a pseudo-wikipedia look.

Hopefully this post will inspire others to try something with the Wiki plugin and if you do, or if you already have, share it here and show it off. This is a plugin that is a little harder to conceptualize how to use and deploy it (I put it off for almost 6 months because I couldn't get my head around a website concept for it). Thanks and enjoy!