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Having used the Wiki plugin for a month or so now with 240 pages 53 categories and 100+ tags, we are finding a few bugs / oddities. I have to say first that in general it's very good / great.

1) When a wiki page is displayed the 'categories' associated with the page are displayed assuming there is only one category. So, if you have more than one category associated with a page they all run together without a ", " in between.

2) If you select EDIT to edit a page then a) categories are presented in a drop down list while b) tags are not presented at all. If you Edit a page this way and save it and you've more than 1 category associated with this wiki you only keep the category that's the highest in the list - you LOSE all other category associations and c) there is no way to select more than one category. This is a SERIOUS BUG. I'd recommend dumping 'Edit' and rename 'Advanced' as Edit.

3) Suggestion: It would be nice if there was a 'proper' discussion page rather than a comments list. A 'normal' wiki has a 'behind the scenes' editable page where people can discuss the page. A comments page is a poor substitute for this. I'd like a proper wiki 'discussion / notes' page and also the ability to have comments to. I'd also like to have an option to have the comments below the wiki page.


  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Clive,

    Thank you for the great feedback which is certainly appreciated.

    I will indeed pass this upstream to the lead developer as well as move the ticket to the applicable features and feedback section.

    Once again your feedback is appreciated and hopefully the lead developer will find them as useful as I have and make the applicable adjustments.

    Sincerely, Joe

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