Wiki WordPress - An all inclusive WordPress Plugin and Theme Wiki

Hello, this is Benjamin Risser from JamRizzi Technologies. What do you, professional WordPress users, think about have a one stop site to do all your plugin and theme research? I know I spend countless hours, sometimes days, researching for a plugin that I need to meet my needs. I think part of the problem is that the plugins are scattered all over the internet. Sure, you have the official repository, but that only lists the free plugins. As professional WordPress developers, oftentimes we are more interested in quality than free. I'm not saying there aren't free WordPress plugins of superb quality, cause there certainly are. I'm just saying that the WordPress repository doesn't give a full picture of what really is ought there.

So, I have an idea and I want to know what you guys think about it. I'm thinking of creating a website called WikiWordPress. I already own This website would be a public wiki that would allow any WordPress developer or user to write about and list WordPress plugins. There would also be crawlers implemented that would find existing plugins and list them on the site, not just the free ones, but the paid ones too. Of course, since it's WordPress we are talking about, the core functionality of this site would run on WordPress using WPMU's Wiki Pro plugin. Other features that could be implemented in WikiWordPress is plugin and theme ratings and reviews. An added benefit of this is that it would prevent Plugin Developers from sugar coating there plugins and people would actually know what they really do. As a WordPress developer myself, I know it is very easy to sugar coat your plugins. This would essentially create a one stop place to do all your WordPress Plugin and Theme research, hopefully saving you precious hours.

I would really appreciate feedback on this. You can visit to learn more about this idea.