Wikis Page not able to be edited via Upfront?

Greetings! The page I am using for the wikis is not saving any changes made in the Upfront editor. Why is this? You can see in the screenshot that this is the default layout. If I make any changes and test the preview, the layout is reverted back to this.

Also, I'm not entirely sure how to set up the Wikis Pro plugin with categories, nor how a standard "wiki" is set up. I'm essentially looking to create a library/encyclopedia of certain posts (plants). I have created the 'wiki categories' however there is something that you are able to create wiki "parents". And the wiki parents act as paths and show at the the top of the post rather than the categories (which display at the bottom in the style you'd see tags displayed).

Would it make more sense to create a category as a "Parent Wiki" (e.g. Fruits) and have each post/wiki relating posted as a sub-wiki? I'm not entirely sure on how wikis are set up in that regard and any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Much Love, and thank you for taking the time to assist!
Ciro Bey