Wildcard SSL and MultiDomain

I have a multisite setup using subdomains. (Bluehost)
SSL was not active on the subdomain admin panel
I asked the techs to take a look at the HTACCESS file to verify that the correct code was entered.
They said "yes" but the subdomain I was wanting to have SSLon was not entered as a subdomain on the Cpanel of the host.

Should I have to make a subdomain in the DNS editor and make a subdomain in the A record? Wouldn't making a site in the admin panel take care of this?

Notes: I just added a subdomain via the wp admin panel and it showed up right away on the front end like it should (without ssl, just mixed use which is ok for now) When I added a subdomain on the admin pane AND the hosting account's dns as well (A record) the site showed the generic host page.
I do have domain mapping but it is not mapping anything at this point.