WildCard SSL and Multisite - Do I need an IP for every Sub Domain

Hi there,

I am in the process of setting up a Multisite network for the first time. I have the site installed at the moment on my VPS but not on a dedicated IP yet.

I was looking into a WildCard SSL Certificate and was talking it through with my hosts who suggested that I would need a dedicated IP for every sub domain, is this true? For starters I don't even know how that would technically work with a multisite.

I have an issue whereby when a user is on the Pro Sites Upgrade page, if they click on an admin menu link it takes them to their dashboard but not before throwing up an SSL error because the link keeps the HTTPS prefix.

I am in the process of getting the dedicated IP for the main domain which has it's own standard SSL, will this solve the issue? What happens if an administrator of sub domain uses domain mapping?

Sorry, I am new to this and have been surfing the forums since last night and come up with nothing.

Any help is appreciated.