Wildcard SSL for Subdomain Wordpress Multisite

Hello, I've been looking for 2 days online, and I'm hoping someone here can help me.

I have successfully installed a Subdomain Wordpress Multisite, and integrated it with WHMCS Wordpress Provisioning plugin. I can now place orders and a new subdomain install occurs when I approve the order.

Now for the purpose of security I would like all client logins and admin areas to be secured through SSL. I understand that this can be achieved in two parts. The first part would be to redirect a client on a custom domain to their subdomain login page. This would then allow them to be covered under a wildcard SSL since it would actually be securing my domain.

My hosting is currently with Hostgator, and they have told me that with each subdomain that requires SSL I would need to pay $5. Now I am very confused. I expected the following to occur after a wildcard SSL had been installed...Create a subdomain with CPanel, WPMU, etc...the sudomain can immediately be accessed through https because it is covered under the wildcard SSL. Is this unique to Hostgator or is this how all hosts are? I dont' know if this information is nessessary but I am using a reseller account, but considering getting a refund and using a VPS instead.

The $5 each will not be an issue for paying clients but if we are to offer a free version (like Wordpress.com) this would come into play. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.