Wildcard SSL Multisite creating non SSL Sites

I'm hoping you can help me with a problem we have been going back and forth with for a number of weeks at this point. I've even torn everything down and restarted, but we keep running into issues.
The down and dirty.
I have a prosites multisite installation that is covered with a wildcard SSL, The site is set up as a subdomain site and I have the SSL box checked in Prosites settings accordingly.
The site is creating the subdomain sites now (this was an issue that my host support was able to resolve). However the subdomain sites are not being created secure. Under HTTP they show normal, but when manually going to the HTTPS url it shows they are not secure and do not have a certificate.
OF NOTE: The site redirects to HTTPS, however it doesn't seem to do that with the subdomains...(since they are not secure it's not actually an issue at this point, but will be if we can get them). Hopefully this all makes sense.
I'm enabling support access so you can look around and can also give server access if needed.
The site is on a VPS
site is myreadyroom.com
Please let me know if you have any further questions I can help clarify.
Last note. You have carte blanche permission to do whatever you want to try/need to do in testing as this is prelaunch and I'm just beginning this build...so until its fixed it doesn't really matter what we break .