wildcard subdomain IP address difference with main site IP How to solved the problem ?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for help.

At very beginning set up godaddy reseller hosting AC

I use domain.net, want to set reseller site.

So domain.net take the main IP.

I want to set up WPMU use my domain.com to

Dedicated IP address as a main site.

I have set up WPMU site, multi-domains,domain mapping plugs.

I have point all the domains to main site

and all the domains are setup to reach that Dedicated IP address via an A record to the main domain.

and add many domains to the main site.

but not point the the main IP(for reseller site).

After I add many domins, my main site have

“Warning! Wildcard DNS for domains.COM may not be configured correctly!”

So I try to create the wildcard (*) subdomain on every domain

to the WordPress multisite network.add wildcare subdomain at WHM cpanel.

I set:

subdomain:*.110tv.com ,

document root /public_html

But I find *.110tv.com IP address is at WHM cpanel (main IP, I plan to set as reseller AC and use my .net domain. not my main site IP.

My main site IP, I have point 110tv.com and all the top domains to this IP and add an A record to the main site domain and IP.

when I Create a New Account at WHM, and add * subdomain, the domain/site automatic goes to my main IP

not go to my main site IP

What is the best solution to solved the problem.

Could you kindly look my WHM cpanel.

Thank you!