Will Appointments+ work for camp registration?


We are starting to rebuild our website at the children's museum. We hold day camps and room rentals and charge per per child with a max quantity of 25 per class. Would the Appointments+ plugin be able to server this need to register on our new site?

I've watched the tutorial online and I can't quite wrap my brain around how it will work for all our different reservation types. For example, below is the link to our current summer camp registration form. (not my handy work) It has all the camps offered for 2-5th graders on one form. It's long, but has all the info we need to know.

What it doesn't do is let members and nonmembers sign up on the same form (because of the 10% price difference). It also doesn't cap registrations at a certain number, like calling it full after 25 kids sign up.

Thank you for any input or ideas you may have!