Will BuddyPress Activity Plus ever resize/delete the original?

Hi! I really like the BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin but one thing that bothers me is that when someone uploads an image, the original size is stored and used. I would rather the original be tossed out and a crunched/resized version be what is stored on the server. A thousand files at 100k each is a lot smaller than a thousand files at 2 (or more) megabytes each.

I had to disable BuddyPress Activity Plus while we looked into it because I don’t want our server filled up with unnecessarily large images when people don’t resize before they upload. Right now we are using the imsanity plugin to resize the uploaded images and delete the original but if I try to use the BuddyPress Activity Plus along with it, then the original image still gets stored. Can you let me know if there will ever be an option within BuddyPress Activity Plus to resize/delete the original?

Thank you!

  • Timothy
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    Hey there.

    Currently when an image is uploaded what’s happening behind the scenes is that the plugin keeps the original version and also creates a proper thumbnail.

    As a possible future development I guess an option to define the thumb size and full size would be good.

    Is that the sort of thing you are looking for?

    I’ve moved this over to the feature request forums, if other members are looking for this then please do let us know.

    Take care.

  • ohlook
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    I like what the “imsanity” plugin does (http://verysimple.com/products/imsanity/). You can set the biggest size allowed and bring the jpg quality down some (default is 90). I would love to have the abilities of BuddyPress Activity Plus as well but some people just take pictures off their camera and upload the straight file that could be 1MB to 5MB. I’m just afraid that if someone went crazy uploading their pictures, it would take up a lot of space when it isn’t necessary. If there was a way for us to have the option for BuddyPress Activity Plus to force the image stored to be no bigger than a certain size and delete the original, that would be what I am looking for. I like how easy it is to embed pictures and videos, though.

    So, I guess as a workaround for me, is there a way to take out the upload feature from BuddyPress Activity Plus so that they can embed pictures and videos with a url but if they want to upload something, they will have to use the regular upload feature?

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