Will Call Pick Up Ability

Is there any plan to add a will-call or store pickup option to MarketPress? Does any one else have interest in this?

  • Gary
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I know this is a year old, hopefully this reply will generate a blip on someone’s radar…

    Definite +1 here – have been asked for “local pick up” option a few times now.

    Something simple, like a checkbox or drop down box on the shipping page.

    When selected, the shipping gets set to zero and payment continues through whichever gateway is active.

    In the short term I’ve advised a few people to offer manual payment as well as PayPal, with Manual Payment presented as “Local Pickup”.

    The manual invoice they raise would then be adjusted accordingly. Nowhere near ideal, but much better than their local customers being charged shipping and then having to refund that…

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