Will changes made be gone with theme upgrade?


I need to know if I make small useability changes to the theme, like for example add more instructions on the registration page to help users register easier, and I then upgrade to a new version of the theme, will these changes be lost?

Also, my structure will be as follows, Wordpress MU enabled installed on my maindomain.com and I will create a domain within my MU installation for my buddypress maindomain.com/community and then point my buddypress to this domain, I will follow these instructions:


Before I do this, I might as well ask, is buddypress multi site aware yet? If so, how do I enable this? If not and I do install buddypress on a secondary blog in my network, will the edu theme still work?


  • DavidM
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    Hello TribeCentric,

    Ultimately, the best way to work with theme files is by creating child themes as detailed at the following.

    That process will ensure that when the parent theme is updated, any changes you make to the child theme will still remain intact.

    I wasn't totally sure of your question, but if by multisite aware you're asking if BuddyPress can be used to operate multiple BuddyPress sites on a multisite, I'm not aware of that possibility. I'll check with the team on any breaking news to that effect, though.

    In the case that you decide to go with BuddyPress on a secondary blog, you shouldn't have any trouble with Edu-clean working there. I'll run that one by the team as well, just to be sure, but we have had members use our themes as such.


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