will changing to paypal pro break existing subscriptions?

I had to open a new paypal account (for 3.0 api compatibility) and I setup Paypal Pro / Prosites to offer more payment options. However, I'm concerned ... will my current subscribers still be billed monthly? I suspect they will not be able to upgrade / downgrade / cancel w/o my help... but what about the ongoing subscribers?


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey WP Tech,

    If you switched to a new PayPal account, your existing subscriptions will still go to the old account - the only way to change that would be to cancel the subscriptions and have them re-signup while your new account is active.

    You are currently using PayPal right? If you are currently using Stripe, then switching to PayPal Pro would mean you have to cancel all the subscriptions and have them re-sign up.

    Even when PayPal Pro is active, Express is still active too as a backup.

    If you have further questions on this just let us know :slight_smile:

    All the best,

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