Will chat work across my multisite with all users from all

Will chat work across my multisite with all users from all sites?

  • PC

    Hello there Josiah,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Chat plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite however the chat is only possible between the users of the site you are using the plugin on.

    So if a user is using it on the main site, they will be able to chat with everyone registered on the main site as a user.

    How exactly do you intend to use the plugin ? Please provide some more information so that we can assist accordingly.

    Cheers, PC

  • JosiahW

    I am using multisite a bit different than intended. We are one company with multiple sites. We do not make/give sites to anybody else.
    So we have a learn subdomain a community subdomain a events subdomain etc.
    So all of the subsites have the same users as the main site.
    I would like my users that are logged into any of the subdomain sites or the main site to all be able to chat with eachother no matter which site they are on.

  • Paul


    Actually you can use Chat across your Multisite Network. but this is only for the bottom corner chat session. If you network enable chat you will see the settings. This network chat will allow users from all sites to chat in a comment session. So posting a message on site1 then switching to site3 the message would be shown.

    Other chats like the in-page chat shortcode and widgets are specific to the individual sites.

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