Will Domain Mapping work with site.com/subsite and not just subsite.site.com

I have tried to install the domain mapping plugin once before, I followed the manual and everything went wrong and lost a whole site which I pretty much had to restore/rebuild from backup. This obviously makes me nervous about installing it live and I've read issues after updates on the forums about sites disappearing! Can anyone confirm the question above and is their support available if things go wrong.

  • aristath

    Hello again @CS_Team, I hope you're well today!

    I've read issues after updates on the forums about sites disappearing!

    That's funny... can you post a link to these threads so that I may see why this happened to other people? I don't think I've seen threads like that... and sites don't "go missing".
    And no, you shouldn't have to rebuild your site because of Domain Mapping, if you're having issues with it then simply uninstall it and your site goes back to normal.
    If you had to rebuild your site from scratch then something else is definitely wrong and not DM. DM has nothing in its code that would cause what you're describing!!

    Let's take things slow and I'll try to make this as detailed as possible.

    Step 1. Install WordPress: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use automated installers like fantastico, installatron, scriptaculous, etc. Instead manually install WordPress. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes and these automated installers mess things up.

    Step 2: You mentioned earlier that

    I have tried to install the domain mapping plugin once before, I followed the manual and everything went wrong

    Could you please elaborate? What EXACTLY did you do?
    Did you edit your domain's DNS entries?
    Did you edit your wp-config.php file?
    Did you manually copy the sunrise.php file, or did you let it be automatically generated by the plugin?
    Do you also have the multi-domains plugin installed?
    Are you absolutely certain that you used the domain-mapping plugin available here, and not the free version available on WordPress.org? (they are completely different and we have nothing to do with the one w.org)
    Are you using a server with cPanel? If yes, did you add the extra domain there as well, and make sure you point it to the folder where WordPress is installed?

    Please advise,

  • CS_Team

    Hi Ari,

    Thanks for the reply. I followed the instructions last time from the usage page.

    I'm think it may have been to do with this, as it describes what happened:

    "Adding a domain name which is not resolving correctly in this instance will make that admin area inaccessible. Honest, we warned you!! :wink:"

    When turning the plugin off it remained inaccessible.

    The multisite is running on a single IP it was definitely your plugin as I remember the sunrise file and processes mentioned, although as I said it was some time ago so I'm afraid I can't remember if i copied it or let the plugin make it. I have no need of domain purchases or pro plugin or any of the additional features for this customer they just have sites within their site eg. a directory area which we want to host on its own domain so it's easier to promote and optimize the SEO.

    The site is already running and is a few years old, it has been updated over time and I fear some old glitches may have developed but are too deep to diagnose (plus I just don't have enough time), I don't feel this is related but just saying that I'm not sure how it was originally installed as I took over from a different developer a couple of years ago.

    I can't recall the posts exactly but I think it was when I was reading about a membership issue in the past.

    It is a Linux Server running Plesk. I haven't added any extra domains to plesk I just get the customer to point them to the IP as the A records etc, is that not correct?

  • CS_Team

    Hi Ari,

    I have reinstalled the plugin, set the sunrise file and edited the config file.
    Typing in the IP in a browser maps to the network/main site homepage.

    Everything looked promising however the customer is running a forum using SimplePress http://simple-press.com/

    They refer to using re-writing magic to handle the pages as the whole forum appears on one wordpress page.

    When activating the plugin every page within the forum no longer works. Have you heard of anyone else using this plugin experiencing issues, I am going to ask the plugin developers as well.

    Thanks for your help.

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