Will "Membership" work for this.. Hypothetical idea; but

Will "Membership" work for this..

Hypothetical idea; but same concept.

Users can "buy" access to a set number of alerts (maybe its by category, brand, type, etc.) and they can pick what exactly they want alert for.

Lets say you have a restaurant and for some reason people want to be alerted to new foods you have on the menu (why you would pay for this is beyond me).

I want an alert every time you have a new "Mexican" dish added. Or maybe I want to be alerted every time you add a gluten free dish. Or maybe even when you add a special drink with cucumbers. Any of the above..

I want the subscriptions to be based on some set of criteria, but not an all or nothing... Can membership do this?

Sorry - hard to explain...

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your, erm... Unique question. :slight_smile:

    I agree, not sure why someone would be paid to be alerted. Infact I'd pay for companies to stop alerting me with texts, calls, emails and letters. :slight_smile:

    Anyway, Membership integrates with our eNewsletter plugin whereby you can send out newsletters to members based upon the Access Level that they signed up with.

    So in theory each level in Membership could be a list, then when you want to mail them you pop over to eNewsletter write up some fab content, select the level it's going to and hit the send.

    If you wanted to automate that then you'd need to do some custom coding there. But if you're happy to send the newsletter manually then this could work.

    I recommend setting the two up and having a play to see what you think and if it would be suitable for your needs.


    Hope this helps.

    Have a great day!

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