Will plug in do this?

Hey there - we are a national trade association. I am trying to find the right plug in to create a member's directory that would be suitable for John Q Public, if they were searching for a local business within our industry.

We work with and support commercial embroidery business owners, 20,000+ businesses in the USA that put logos and names on shirts, jackets, etc.

About 1000 of these businesses are members of our association. We want to launch a "national embroidery directory" on our site, where John Q Public could "find a local embroiderer."

Can this plugin do this?
Needs to be searchable by state, and by city ideally.
Need to be able to control who can create a listing, and have it integrate with our Infusionsoft database to confirm membership status as active (I can have infusionsoft push data to wordpress)

I am not sure if I am asking the questions correctly, or if I am even asking the right questions.

Site it will be added to: NNEP.com

Help??? Thanks so much