Will Remove Email Verification work if site is created thru backend

Hi there,
Is there a way to make Remove Email Verification work (not send the emails to the user) when the site is setup in the backend thru wp-admin? I want to be able to determine the username and passwords and send them in a separate email as part of a "welcome" package and not have the user get the Wordpress emails at all. Thanks!

  • Alexander

    Hi @tiana_cameron,

    Remove Email Verification only affects signups from the registration form. So you could use it to create a site on the front end. You could also use the Set Password plugin to set a default password when you create the account.

    If you're creating a site from the backend, you will also need to go to that site and add a admin. While doing this, you can check a box for "Skip Confirmation Email" This will ensure they aren't messaged. You will then need to edit the user and assign an admin role and a password.

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  • tiana_cameron

    Hi Alexander,
    Thanks for the reply! I tried each method you mentioned for the front end and the back end - I still get the email. Just now I see the passwords I created. I'm thinking maybe I thought the plugin would disable any email associated with creating a new user/site? I can workaround it for now - I'll alert the client that they'll get an email with their login info and use the HTML Email Templates plugin to make them pretty! Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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