Will The Communities Plugin Be Updated and Supported?

Team WPMU,

Looks like this plugin hasn't been supported or updated in a while (Changelog notes its' good for WP 3.9) -- is this plugin going to be supported or will it just fade away?

I have an actual need for this kind of plugin, but as it stands now the plugin doesn't really function very well (CSS issues, not responsive, no index, no invite capability, etc).

Having a "behind the scenes" wiki, message board, etc -- a private intranet -- is valuable for a number of businesses, yet, we see very little done with this plugin to capture it. Much like EasyBlogging, great ideas are not being pursued and maintained. I can see this being expanded to capture calendars, project management functions, taskers, etc. Again, this is a space very few have entered that has the potential for tremendous value.

Before I spend time and effort on this, as I did for Easyblogging, I would like to know WPMU's plan for this plugin.