Will the Marketpress work with the Membership Plugin?

I've been advised that I could use the MarketPress plugin in conjunction with the Membership plugin. Are they 100% compatible?
Will products become hidden dependent on subscription levels?

  • Patrick

    Hi @Ziller

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    Yes, they will. But that depends on how you set things up in the Membership access levels.

    Membership will see that MarketPress is active on your site, and will give you the option of granting/restricting access to certain pages.

    If you want to restrict access to specific products, simply create a URL group for those products containing the URLs to those specific product pages, and add that rule to your access level.

  • Ziller

    Thanks - the only problem is that that sounds really complicated.

    Really I just want to show some images in a Wordpress gallery shortcode but restrict some of them from appearing based on there download group setting in the Membership plugin.

    I've tried this and the act of putting files into a gallery shortcode seems to avoid the Membership plugin restrictions. A file added into the page on it's own is ok but if it is placed into a gallery - shows the image and reveals its true URL.

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