Will there be an integration of Membership2 and Pro Sites,

Will there be an integration of Membership2 and Pro Sites, so that membership packages can be created that automatically give a member, say, a specific Pro Site level for their site. I find that the new Membership2 is a vastly better product over the previous Membership version, which I was unable to really use to set up what I wanted so I thankfully did not have to upgrade...I'm going in fresh with it. I like just about everything about this, and it seems like I can turn off the Pro Site sign up page, add membership add-on levels, and then it would be just manually adding the pro sites level to their site for the time period. That's a workable solution until there is integration, which I hope is on the roadmap here.

It looks like creating a really good signup/add membership level options page, may take some doing. But having just one page to offer the options on will be better than having one for membership privileges and another for site upgrades. Heading the right direction...just wondering if the integration of this is on the roadmap.

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    Hi @AIPman1,

    Hope you're well?

    I can't say at this time as both plugins are designed for completely different purposes, and an integration such as what you request is not so easy to achieve when you consider the different subscription plans and the subscriptions in pro-sites too. It would be a complex feature, but I do see your logic there & I will certainly move this to the features & feedback section to see how popular this would be, the developers will certainly look at the request if it would benefit a lot of users and there's enough support for it.

    Hope this helps

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    Here's my thought. Having looked at how you can put membership plans basically anywhere with shortcode, I don't think direct integration is actually needed. With a membership structure that includes add-on membership levels, that displays on the same page that the pro sites (i'll be seeing if that can be made to work visually) As long ad a central spot can be developed that members can go to manage all their options and upgrade both member options and their sites...that will be fine for me. I'll post when I have gotten a page up to look at so people can see how I solve the thoughts of mixing membership options and website upgrades.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    I'm still not sure that would work thinking about it, however, no harm in trying. I think you'll struggle to get it to do as you suggest though.

    I do have some ideas on this though, but i'll need to play around with both plugins and see what I can come up with, it'll probably be an addon/module required for both plugins. It will take some time though, my dev skills are not as good as the developers we have working here, so if it get's too complex I will probably struggle, but I have been thinking about a way to achieve some level of integration, so i'll try, but I wouldn't expect anything soon from my end in that regard.

    Hope this helps

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