will there be updates?

Hey guys,

I don’t even know where to start but i have so many issues with pro sites that i have to sit down and check all sites for hours every month. And that on a network with only 40 sites right now.

I am using stripe as the only payment gateway right now.

1.) Expired Pro Sites (even they are still active)

Some sites appear to be expired – but they’re acutally not. It says the previous level was 0 and the logs are nearly empty (not as on the other sites). In stipe the subscription seems to be still active.

2) are there plans for an upcoming release? Pro Sites hasn’t been updated for a while now. I can’t spend hours of my time checking if pro-sites acutally does the job it promises. There are so many other issues i reported that remained unresolved. Anyway, i’d love to hear if you plan to completely overhaul pro-sites or anything.