Will this plugin gives 404 error when we close any offer


I tried this plugin once in my blog. After the coupon duration from the advertiser site is over - we remove the promotion content. And added new one. When checked in Google Webmasters it gives a 404 error.In case we are doing this again and again. we will be getting many errors in GWT ?

Please suggest !

  • Patrick

    Hi @SriGanesh.M

    I hope you are well today!

    That really has little to do with the Social Marketing plugin.

    If content on your site has already been indexed by Google, and you remove it, trying to access it will return a 404. This is true for people who try to visit a page as well as search engine bots.

    However, you can prevent that behavior by adding a canonical URL and/or a 301 redirect to your Social Marketing ads using our Infinite SEO plugin. See the "Configuring SEO for Individual Posts" section on the plugin usage page for more:

    A canonical URL will force search engines to index that URL instead of the actual URL of your ad. A 301 redirect can be useful when your ads expire.

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