Windows Phone 7.5 + Ultimate Facebook

Sample URL:

Tested and works on: Desktop, iPhone 3G IOS 5, Android 4

Does not work on Windows Phone 7.5 Lumia 800 IE, SurfCube

Even though Windows Phone user base is not very large, I must support this platform.

Unlike on Android, where an in-page DIV pops up or iPhone, where a tab pops up, on Windows Phone the user is taken to a page replacing the page they were on originally.

After I click login with correct credentials, the screen attempts to redirect me back to the original page, but ends up on a white screen. The redirect never completes. I can see the original URL to which it is trying to redirect in the URL string.

The exact URL is,user_birthday,user_events,user_location,user_likes,email&selected_profiles=738492082#_=_

Switching user agent did not appear to help.

This seems to be a hint:

I tried setting the display parameter in base_facebook.php but it didn’t result in visible changes.

I can confirm that the app shows up under my when I authenticate on Windows Phone after deleting its previous credentials at that URL.