With Appointments+ and MarketPress how do I handle advanced address information?

I am working on site that allows a network of local music teachers and students to interact and book appointments online. I'm using a combination of BuddyPress, Appointments+ and MarketPress, and most of the functionality is there, except one crucial point.

Teachers (who are manually approved by the admin as SERVICE_PROVIDERs) can opt to provide both "in studio" or "in student homes" classes.

By "in studio", this is the individual Teacher SERVICE_PROVIDER's address.

By "in student home", this would be the CLIENT's home.

I'm trying to find the most elegant (automatic) way make sure the proper address information is sent to both the Teacher AND the Student once the booking process is done.

At this point it would be okay if the automated emails to both parties included BOTH addresses, as the service itself is clearly marked as either "in studio" or "in student home".

As far as I can see at the moment, I can enable the CLIENT (student) to include their address when booking.

Each of the teachers would be charging the same rate for "in studio" and "in student home" lessons, so I'd like to avoid having to create two separte services for each individual teacher, and instead find some way to send the teachers location information automatically during the confirmation process.

Any recommendations as to the best approach?