With MarketPress, is it possible to create packages of products that are also exclusive to certain c

Here's the client's site I'm working on: skinfitusa.com

I'm wondering if it's possible to:
1) Create a private section of the store that only sponsored teams can access
2) Create/add products we offer exclusively to that team, in this section AND making sure these private products don't get indexed on the main site, especially if/when someone searches for them
3) Still within this section, create product packages for each team to shop from (Gold, Silver, Bronze packages - each with a different number of products)
4) Still make it possible to determine the different sizes of products within each package of products ordered

Right now, my client creates custom apparel for teams they sponsor. And they want to make it easier for team parents and coaches to place more orders on the site... and provide "packages" of products as well to encourage ordering more, different products at a lower rate - bigger the package, higher discount on individual products within it.

I know I can create products and password-protect the pages they're on, but that doesn't prevent them from showing on the main shop page. I can also create a product page for each package and essential list all the products within that package, in the product description or by using variables. But that leaves the issue of how to determine individual product variations after someone adds a package to their cart. Hopefully this all makes sense.... but let me know. Any feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

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    Quite the request!

    Ok, there's a few ways to do this. Essentially though, you'll need to decide how you want to divide up your teams. You could do this by creating custom user roles within WordPress and then making these pages/products only available to those user roles. This would require custom development in order to be completed.

    The other way you could do it is use a plugin like our Membership plugin in order to restrict certain MarketPress categories to specific membership levels.

    You could then allow users to choose their "level" on their own or assign that to them via the admin.

    So that would take care of #1. If you wanted products that were specific to a certain team (which I'm assuming is each a separate username in WordPress) there are a couple choices I know of:
    Free: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/user-specific-content/
    Paid: http://wp-client.com/

    Honestly, I haven't used any either of the above but they should work - and hopefully cover points 2 & 3.

    Finally using those methods you'll still be just using normal MarketPress products so all variations currently available with the plugin.

    Hopefully that helps a bit! Thanks!

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