With Membership: How to Show Topics but Hide Threads in a Forum?


I am using Membership Lite for a Mingle Forum where users have to register and pay for membership. We want non-members to be able to see topics (and the rest of the WordPress site) but not the threads/actual messages (and we don’t want them to post, of course). Right now, Mingle Forum either gives a 404 for the forum page or redirects to another page without showing any of the forum threads. How can I do this with my current setup, upgrade or other WorddPress plug-ins?

Cheers and thanks.

  • chigs
    • New Recruit

    Let’s assume Mingle cannot do it, which I believe to be the case but I’ve got a question posed on their forum.

    What are my alternatives to Mingle?

    Since Membership seems to work with a number of forums, what other forum may be a better fit and/or does Membership allow for this access. From Phil’s response, it sounds like the answer is no. Should I be looking for a different membership-type plug-in?

    What have others used for paid membership sites?

    Please let me know as best you can.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Membership isn’t currently able to work with bbPress forums at a granular level (i.e. anything other than blocking forums completely) however, the developer is hoping to have this completed in the next version.

    So if you can wait, Membership + bbPress may be your best bet.

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