With Protected Content, when someone clicks Signup . . .

Hey folks,

With Protected Content, when someone clicks Signup>then creates a account it takes them back to the top of the Signup page.

Can you make it to where it pops the person back to the specific button they LAST clicked on the Signup page (in other words it would be the tier/level to then be able to see and click on the "complete payment" button). Right now it snaps the person back to the TOP of the Signup page and they have to know to scroll down to complete the payment. I think this would make the process a lot better (I have gotten questions about this about what to do next).

. . . In the meantime, what can I do to force them to go to about mid-page OR to go to a "anchor" type url so they snap back to bascially the general area on the page where they will actually see the "complete payment" button easier without having to scroll (as a workaround right now)?

@phillipstacker what do you think about the first part and integrating that into the next release?


  • Greg
    • The Exporter

    @Philipp Stracker and @Michelle Shull and/or others . . .

    Hi Phillip,

    What css or adjustment could I add to force users (after they actually register) to snap back to the middle page of the page of /register (as a workaround for now)? Right now, they go to /account and become confused as to what to do next sometime . . .

    In a future release, it would be wonderful if you can have PC actually direct them to the specific "complete payment" tier/level the LAST clicked upon prior to registering so they know exactly what the next step is without any doubts or confusion as to what to do next.

    ***For now, is there a workaround I could implement?



  • Philipp Stracker
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Greg,

    I tried to reproduce the behavior you are describing but was not successful...

    Registration process for me looks like this:
    - As guest I visit the /register page, here is a list of all memberships
    - I scroll down a bit and click "Signup" for one of the memberships
    - Now I see the register form (enter username, password, email address, ...)
    - After registration I see the payment page with the price and a "pay" button
    - Clicking the "Pay" button takes me to the payment gateway, e.g. PayPal
    - After Payment is done I see a Thank-You/Confirmation message with a link to my Account

    Can you describe where you encounter the issue? Maybe a screenshot will help clarify things..
    Thanks, Philipp :slight_smile:

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