With the WPMU Membership plugin (I am thinking

With the WPMU Membership plugin (I am thinking of installing it for paywall content), I see that there are various tags for user level in the documentation:







My question is that I need to be able to show Google’s crawler the *full* page content, with no paywall redirection (I know this is dangerous as people could spoof their user agent, but, I don’t mind) – could I make a tag (like the tags above) for if the user agent is Google’s crawler? Or regardless of tags, just detect whether Google’s crawler is viewing the page?

Is this possible somehow? Or even with another plugin working alongside WPMU Membership?

So for example, if I had a page on “Secret tips for personal trainers”, I’d force humans to sign up before they view it (and if they’re not signed up, they see the default “please sign up” message), however if Google comes across the page, I’d like it to be able to see everything.

Do you have any idea of how I can go about achieving this?