With WordPress Multisite, do you need to physically copy the WordPress files into each subdomain dir

I have WordPress Multisite up and running and have successfully created a subdomain australia.causeinternational.com and a site (australia) for the subdomain in WP Admin.

When I look at the directory /public_html/australia/ there's nothing in it except for a cgi-bin directory (see screen shot below).

Do I need to copy the WordPress files to under /public_html/australia/ and modify the wp-config.php and .htaccess files like I did when I originally installed WordPress for my primary domain?

The reason for asking is that while I successfully created the australia site I get a 404 error when I attempt to access the site in WP Admin.

Thnks ... Michael

  • MichaelScott
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Vaughan,

    I have a primary domain causeinternational.com which will have a website about charities operating internationally.

    I have a domain causeaustralia.com.au delegated to subdomain australia.causeinternational.com which is only about charities in Australia.

    I want the two sites to use the same theme (wpmudev's Product) and both sites will have their own BuddyPress setups and will use the same plugins as one-another, but I don't want the two sites to "mix", so I understood that the approach above is what I need.

    So when visitors to causeaustralia.com.au the Home page will be at australia.causeinternational.com, not causeinternational.com.

    Please tell me I've done the right thing ... I've been working on this for over a month and it's driving me crazy.

    Thanks, and best regards ... Michael

  • Shawn
    • The Crimson Coder

    *IF* it's a single network install and you're using either subdomains or subfolders, then WordPress will handle the subdomain/subfolder stuff for you. You would not need or require a separate installation.

    However, from your description it sounds like what you're really after is a completely new site that has it's own configuration, user base and options. If that's the case, you really need to setup a second install of WP for the second site. You could also use something like BP Multi Network to accomplish this while not having to install a second instance of WP - but I have not tested it and it hasn't been updated in several months, and may not support the current version of WordPress.

  • MichaelScott
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Shawn (and anyone else who's interested),

    I have added a graphic below of my design for the causeinternational.com primary domain and the country-based subdomains including Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. Over the next ten years I'd expect that we'd need another 10-15 subdomains added for the 10-15 countries that we'll expand into (we are a nonprofit enterprise currently based initially in Sydney).

    I was told by a competent WordPress developer that using a primary & subdomain arrangement with WordPress Multisite where all of the sites would use the same theme (in this case, wpmudev's Product theme) and plugins including BuddyPress, Fundraising and Events+ would be a good approach to use.

    I was told that this arrangement, especially as we add more countries and more subdomains would be a more efficient and effective way of doing things that if we established a completely different website and WordPress installation for every country - plus the international site.

    And you'll see in my design that BuddyPress will be used separately for each country as a community networking facility. There's no major need to have a "global" BuddyPress setup as each country tends to focus on itself (although, you will see that I do have a BuddyPress instance for causeinternational.com that might become an active network over time.

    So, I've installed WordPress Multisite and have established a site for primary domain causeinternational.com and the first subdomian for australia.causeinternational.com using the instructions found at http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network.

    All of the options in the causeinternational site work fine, but when I tro to access the australia site I pull a 404 error - the web page does not exist. And, as I mentioned earlier in this trail, there are no files in my /public_html/australia/ directory other than the cgi-bin directory.

    So, again, is my thinking around WordPress Multsite correct and is my design workable? If it is, why do I get the 404 error within WP Admin when I'm trying to access the australia site?

    Thanks for your input ... Michael

  • Shawn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Why do you have an 'Australia' directory? I can only assume that within your hosting control panel you added it as a subdomain to your site instead of adding it as an alias. This would result in it creating a hosting environment for it - while simultaneously causing problems down the line.

    Remove the subdomain within your control panel. Add it as an alias, instead. Both within the hosting (causeinternational.com) and DNS Aliases configuration. If your provider has the ability to setup wildcard DNS and vhost settings (using '*' as the subdomain portion) do THAT instead of 'australia' - it's going to simplify things later on.

    After doing that, check to make sure that your DNS is correct -- that is - that australia.causeinternational.com and causeinternational.com still share the same IP address resolution when queried at CNS1.NAMESERVERS.COM.AU:

    nslookup causeinternational.com CNS1.NAMESERVERS.COM.AU
    nslookup Australia.causeinternational.com CNS1.NAMESERVERS.COM.AU

    If not, you'll need to set that up at this point, too.

    Then it should all work. Really. :slight_smile:

  • MichaelScott
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Shawn,

    Thank you very much for your input ... much appreciated.

    I'll liaise with my hosting company and will get them to change the setting as you've recommended.

    One question ... is my design (as per the diagram I supplied) workable and practical?

    As a newbie I'm really appreciative of getting inut for people like you.

    Thanks again, and best regards ... Michael

  • MichaelScott
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for the notice about using the BP MultiNetwork plugin.

    I've marked the issue as resolved as you've provided such good input ... mind you, I'll see how it goes with my hosting company.

    Thanks again, and best regards ... Michael

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