Withdraw link remove

Hi folks, So after the last update, I see a few things that need taking care of, some translations and the one thing I really can’t understand why it is even there. the Withdraw link.

I used this

`.course-action-links a[href^=”?withdraw”] {

display: none;


However, this is no longer working sins the update, i searched for all other variations here and added !important; plus messed around a bit but I cannot get this link removed.

I have had students click this just to find out what it does and then have to re instate them back to a course which they are half way through, so they have to start again.

Can you guys work out how to remove this from the 2.0 version please?

One wonders what the logic was to ad such a function, one that from what I can see is just an irritation for people buying this plugin.