Wocommerce product page display problem

I have transferred a clients website from one server to another this morning and then taken the website live on the new server but since doing this, the product display in Woocommerce is not displaying correctly. The Product Description and the review text box are appearing behind the short description and you can just see them in a small column on the right. It’s a problem on all of the products. Prior to going live, this was not happening, both fields were below the image and short description.

I started by creating a staging site in order to test for plugin conflicts. In the staging site, I deactivated all of the plugins and then reactivated Woocommerce by itself but the problem was still occurring. I installed all updates before taking the site live. I think it's probably a css fix but when I tried using the additional css function but what I tried didn't work (I found a similar issue on your forum and tried their fix but it didn't fix mine). I have given you the actual website to look at but I've been doing all of my testing on a staging site. Maybe some fresh eyes will have more luck than I have had. Thanks!