Wondering about replacing Membership log in widget

Is it possible to have something replace the Members Log In widget when a member is logged in? By default it just disappears which leaves a big hole where it was.

  • Alexander
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    Hi @john_sargent,

    This is possible, but only with custom code and modifying the plugin directly

    Maybe this is something we can add an option for in a future plugin release. I will move this to Features & Feedback though so we can see what other community members think, and so it can be considered for future development.

    If you're ok with custom code, you can edit membershipincludes/addons/login.widget.php

    Assuming plugin version, you'll see this on line 37:


    Just add anything you would like shown to logged in users above that line.

    Keep in mind that if you modify the plugin directly, your changes won't be preserved for future plugin updates
    Best regards,

  • john_sargent
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    Will do. I would imagine a simple update to the plug in would provide admins with a default welcome message with a link in it that took a logged in member to their account page should they want to do that. Beyond that it would be good for the message to be editable.

    Thanks again.

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