Wondering if this is possible?

So I'm in the process of creating an integrated learning site with three different user types which will have very specific abilities.

My two "admin" levels are going to be for Manufactures and Restaurants.

I want the Manufactures to have multipress available to them and be able to sell on their products on my site and have a a certain blog template available to them.

The Restaurant area I want them to have the ability to make trainings(I have learndash to cover that). But their is also going to be a bunch of courses that are going to be provided that I don't want them to be able to edit and have a specific template that they only get to work with.

Also with the trainings that the restaurant makes I only want users that are associated with that restaurant to be able to view and take those courses and see their page.

But the user should also be able to go to the manufacturers page and buy from them.

So right now I have Buddypress, Prosites, Membership, and blog templates. Am I on the right track with these plugins to make this possible or is it even possible to make happen.

Thanks so much,